Hadijah's Matrons for Morocco mobilize for women in need. We support the fundamental rights of women in Morocco and surrounding countries through a commitment to activism and philanthropy, acts of resistance and of kindness, which enhance and improve the lives of women all over MENA. 


We often find ourselves becoming a lifeline to women who have undergone abuse and are in desperate need of an immediate support structure. Our team consists of courageous and understanding women, many of whom are Muslims of MENA extraction that have themselves undergone domestic abuse, female genital mutilation, or have found themselves relegated to ‘disreputable’ status in their communities. These women all need a reliable support structure that can give them the resilience and fortitude required to reclaim their dignity and begin living again. That is what

Hadijah offers. 


Our foundation has morphed into a movement passionately dedicated to creating progressive social and cultural change that targets the region where women suffer the most: MENA. Our team of matrons work closely with Muslim women and girls to support them, encourage them, and embolden them. 


Hadijah uses progressive activism and philanthropic activity to educate enlighten the women of Morocco and MENA about the importance of self-determination. Our team fosters feelings of self-worth, self-respect, and self-love into the upcoming generations of Muslim women who are eager to be socially, culturally, and politically engaged while being treated as equals. 

What we do: 

The Hadijah Foundation’s mission to elevate the status of women in Morocco while having a ripple effect on other MENA countries. 


Through illuminating public-oriented programs, our Matrons for Morocco are seeking the promotion, empowerment, and emboldening of women throughout the Arab world who we know to be repressed and underperforming with patriarchal interpretations of Islam as a root cause. We pledge to fight to right this wrong. 


We exist to enrich Muslim women culturally and philosophically. We want to see as many as possible achieve their fullest potential, and that statement sums up the Hadijah Foundation’s mission in a nutshell. 

Who we are:  

Welcome to the Hadijah Foundation, an UK-based Islamic movement by women, for women. We’re known affectionately at the Matrons for Morocco due to the emphasis we place on advancing the rights of women in Morocco and the MENA region at large. 


We’re a small foundation bursting with passion. Passion that is directed at aiding women who are currently living in the MENA region. We advocate on behalf of those who otherwise may not have a voice, especially in countries that still impose limits on fundamental rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the right to self-determination. 


We focus our efforts on supporting women who have been victims of domestic or sexual abuse, we expose unjustified and harsh sentencing meted out against women, we unmask the brutal practice of female genital mutilation and clitorectomy which remain widespread and accepted as social and cultural norms, and we focus on a host of additional and critically important causes that are underrepresented in public and the news media. 


The central goal of Hadijah and the Matrons for Morocco is to progressively and consistently engage the public and advocate on behalf of women who are repressed in Morocco and MENA. 

Matrons for Morocco 

Welcome to the Hadijah Foundation’s members and events section.

For those who are not yet members, please email us to receive your unique username and password. 

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This summer we’ll be putting on biweekly events dedicated to supporting and empowering the women of Morocco. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of attending one of our events coming to a city near you! 


The Hadijah Foundation has several core services which we provide. 


We run a family service that is geared towards fostering peace and harmony in the home. We retain three highly trained and experienced counsellors who are dispatched as mediators to complex and bitter rows that take place behind closed doors in the homes of Muslim women. 


Additionally, we’re proud to offer free leadership training and educational programs which are aimed at fostering the skills necessary for young Muslim women to become the next generation of leaders in a variety of disciplines. Several of these individual women will go on to contribute greatly to the blossoming of Islamic societies. 


We also support interfaith outreach efforts that are held for the sake of establishing bilateral ties with groups connected to similar causes. We ally with them to widen our circle of friends, who are always there for us when we need them, as we are for them. 


Together we are strongest, and our diversity is the source of our strength.